Pipistrel G4 Nominated for Collier Trophy

Pipistrel's GFC-winning G4 is now in contention for a Collier Trophy

Taja Boscarol, Public Relations Manager for Pipistrel, sends this news today:

“The Pipistrel Taurus G4, world’s first 4-seat electric aircraft, was nominated for the prestigious Collier Trophy.

“The Collier Trophy, the ‘Greatest Award in Aviation,’ has been the benchmark of aviation and aerospace achievement for over 100 years.  Awarded annually, ‘…for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America,’ it has been bestowed upon some of the most important projects, programs, individuals, and accomplishments in our nation’s history.”

Collier-winning individuals have included the crews of Apollo 11 and 8, Mercury 7, Scott Crossfield, Elmer Sperry and Howard Hughes.  Projects and Programs have included the B-52, Polaris Missile, Surveyor Moon Landing Program, Boeing 747, Cessna Citation, Gulfstream V, the F-22 and the International Space Station.

This year’s nominees for the 2011 Robert J. Collier Trophy are Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, the Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy, the Gamera human-powered helicopter, and the G4.

National Aeronautics Association Chairman Walter J. Boyne explains the importance of the nominees.  “Each of them – in their own way – mark significant progress in the advancement of aviation and aerospace on the planet, and we certainly welcome them to the Collier selection process.”

The twin-fuselage G4 won the 2011 Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google, with prize money from NASA and event organization and management by the CAFE Foundation.  It achieved an astonishing 403.5 equivalent passenger miles per gallon on pure battery power while sporting the largest electric motor (145 kilowatts or 200 horsepower) ever to fly an airplane.

CAFE congratulates the Pipistrel team on yet one more grand accomplishment – a first for green aviation.

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