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CAFE Foundation creates and advances the understanding of personal aircraft technologies through research, analysis, and education.

"Aircraft are submarines that swim in a sea of air"
---Lyle S. Powell Jr.

Besides overcoming the force of Earth's gravity, aircraft must maneuver against the friction and pressures of a surprisingly viscous and powerfully turbulent medium—Earth's atmosphere. By comparing how aircraft move through this 'sea of air', the enthusiast members of CAFE have pioneered valuable new ways to study aerodynamics and improve personal aircraft.

CAFE developed award-winning flight test equipment and software that records extremely accurate speeds, temperatures, weights, pressures, frequencies and sound levels. This suite of CAFE flight test tools have turned the skies above Santa Rosa into a kind of "Nature's Wind Tunnel". (See "Order From Chaos"). CAFE's flight test expertise has become a national asset recognized by many of those prominent in the world of aviation, including NASA, AOPA and EAA. (See Sponsors)

The diverse members of the CAFE team each contribute a special talent and expertise to the organization. But it is the magic of enthusiasm that has turned these airplane hobbyists into respected aeronautical scientists. The CAFE team arose mainly from members of Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter (EAA) 124, where the passion for personal aviation is strong. Volunteers from EAA 124 have formed the backbone of CAFE's success.

As we enter the Second Century of Flight, the non-profit, tax-exempt CAFE Foundation looks forward to enhancing its key role in advancing the science, education and growth of personal aviation for everyone. Learn how you can help.





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