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  2007 Electric Aircraft Symposium
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The CAFE Foundation
Electric Aircraft Symposium

San Francisco, California May 23, 2007

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8:30 AM  Introduction: Brien Seeley M.D. (President, CAFE Foundation, program chair)

8:35 AM  Keynote address:  “The Challenge of Peak Oil” by Richard Heinberg. (Author of “The Party’s Over”, “Power Down” and The Oil Depletion Protocol”, Professor at New College, Santa Rosa)

9:10 AM  “Boeing Studies Related to a Future, Flight Based, Personal Transportation System” by Richard Jones (Boeing Phantom Works)

9:30 AM  “Capability-Based Electric Personal Air Vehicles”  by Mark Moore (NASA PAV program manager)

9:55 AM to 10:10 AM  Coffee/Pastry break

10:10 AM  “A Look at Safe, Quiet, Clean, Economical Personal Travel by Air” by Dr. Paul MacCready.

10:40 AM  “Electric PAVs: Contenders in NASA’s PAV Challenge?” by Brien Seeley M.D. (CAFE Foundation)

11:00 AM  “High Lift Technology - Wind Turbine Technology” by C.P. (Case) van Dam, Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, UC Davis

11:25 AM  “Small, Efficient Bio-fueled Engines” by Greg Stevenson (NASA STTR bio-fuel engines)
[ Diesel Combustion Movie in AVI format ]
[ Diesel Combustion Movie in WMV format ]

11:50 AM  “Automotive Hybrid Experience Applied to Electric Aircraft Design” James C. Paul, Ricardo, Inc.

12:15 PM  “Fuel Cell powered Electric Aircraft - the Energy Challenge” by Jim Dunn (Expert; fuel cells, batteries, solar capture and ultra-capacitors)

12:40 PM Q & A followed by Group Luncheon and continued discussions “offline”.





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