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  2008 Electric Aircraft Symposium
Pipistrel Electro


The 2008 CAFE Foundation
Electric Aircraft Symposium


Ben Santer

CAFE Foundation President Brien Seeley
and EAS Presenter Dr. Ben Santer

The CAFE Foundation's 2nd Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium saw presentations that justify the rapidly increasing interest in Green personal air travel. Sponsored by Foundation Capital, the April 26, 2008 meeting assembled an outstanding faculty to discuss the many aspects of electric-powered flight. It included an remarkable announcement by the Experimental Aircraft Association that it has filed a request for the FAA to allow electric propulsion in low cost aircraft.

The event was well-attended by members of the science and technology media. Updates on the Aviation's Green Prize will be posted soon on the CAFE website. In all, the 2008 EAS made the dream of a 100 MPG PAV look a lot closer than most thought.

Electric Aircraft Symposium 2008 Program:

Media Coverage of the 2008 Electric Aircraft Symposium:

Title Publication Date
CAFE, Electric Aircraft And 100 MPG Airplanes AVWEB May 9, 2008
Heading skyward to beat gridlock BBC News May 7, 2008
Who Birthed the Electric Plane? May 6, 2008
KITPLANES Coverage of Electric Airplane Symposium 2008 KITPLANES May 3, 2008
Personal, 'green' airplanes propel forward CNET News April 30, 2008
Electric Airplanes Take Flight. Get Yours Now Wired Blogs April 29, 2008
Electric Planes Take Off Conde Nast Porfolio April 29, 2008
EAA Asks FAA To Authorize Use Of Electric Motors In Ultralights, LSAs April 28, 2008
Will Electric Planes Take Off? GreenTechmedia April 28, 2008

Selected Presentations (PDF Format)

Title Presenter File Size
Electric Aircraft Symposium 2008 Opening Remakrs Adam Grosser, Foundation Capital 600 KB
A Green Prize for Transportation Brien Seeley M.D., CAFE Foundation 11.3 MB
How Do We Know That Human Activities Have Influenced Global Climate? Dr. Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 9 MB
Optimized Electric Drive Systems Alan Cocconi 4.4 MB
Design Space for Efficient Aircraft C.P. Van Dam, University of California Davis 3.6 MB
Taurus Electro - The Future Now Ivo Boscarol & Tine Tomazic, Pipistrel Aircraft, Slovenia 21.5 MB
Advanced Navigation: Enabling a Path to
Enhancing Safety While Saving Energy
Paul Siegmund, Naverus 6 MB
Electric Propulsion Enabled Advanced Air Vehicles Mark D. Moore, NASA Langley Research Center 2.6 MB
Multi-Fuel Propulsion Technologies Greg Stevenson, GSE 22 MB
GSE & AVID LLC's Contribution to the Future of Personal Air Transportation & a 100 MPG Aircraft Sam B. Wilson, AVID LLC 40 MB
Fuels in our future Jay Keller/Neil Rossmeissl, Sandia Lab/DOE Biomass Program 6.2 MB
Hybridizing Light Aircraft Ron Gremban, CalCars 2.2 MB


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