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  2009 Electric Aircraft Symposium
Cole Electric Goshawk


The 2009 CAFE Foundation
Electric Aircraft Symposium

Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California
Friday, April 24, 2009


The CAFE Foundation's 3rd Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS III) saw presenters from NASA, Stanford, University of Stuttgart and other leaders of the rapidly growing electric aircraft movement. Sponsored by Foundation Capital, the April 24, 2009 meeting assembled an outstanding faculty at the Hiller Aviation Museum for a stimulating meeting that culminated with a networking banquet.

The 2009 event again doubled in size and was well-attended by members of the science and technology media. The program included CAFE and NASA's announcement of tentative plans for the CAFE Green Flight Challenge, a flight competition for mainly electric aircraft. In all, the EAS III continued to make the dream of a practical electric aircraft look a lot closer than most thought.

Electric Aircraft Symposium 2009 Program:

Selected Presentations (PDF Format)

Title Presenter File Size
Current Update on Climate Science Dr. Ben Santer, Research Climatologist, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and IPCC

7 MB
Electric Airplane Power-system Performance Requirements Michael Dudley, NASA Special Assistant to the Associate Administrator Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters

1.2 MB
Electric Motors and Controllers for Use in Sailplanes, Ultralights, and Light Sport Aircraft

Dean Sigler M.Ed. 4.2 MB
The AGP: Aviation’s Green Prize—The Flight Competition for 100 MPG Aircraft

Brien Seeley M.D., President, CAFE Foundation 6.5 MB
My Dream Team in the AGP Ron Gremban, Technical Director, CalCars

500 KB
Practical Reliability in Motor Drive Electronics Otmar Ebenhoech H.S.D,Founder, Cafe Electric LLC

3.8 MB
Hydrogenius: Principles for an Electric Aircraft Steffen Geinitz Dipl.-Ing, University of Stuttgart 2.2 MB


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