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  2010 Electric Aircraft Symposium

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CAFE EAS IV Video Review by Kitplanes

Kitplanes was on hand for the very succesful 2010 CAFE EAS. Check out this video review of the event.


The 2010 CAFE Foundation
Electric Aircraft Symposium

Friday, April 23 and Saturday April 24, 2010
Doubletree Sonoma in Rohnert Park, California

The 4th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS IV) is planned for April 23, 24, 2010 at the Doubletree Sonoma in the beautiful California Wine Country. The Preliminary Program below reveals an outstanding international faculty of experts in the technologies critical to the practical development of electric, hybrid and bio-fueled aircraft. This faculty and the rapidly-growing interest in electric aircraft is expected to quickly fill the limited number of seats for EAS IV.

EAS IV 2010 Program:

Preliminary Program: 5 minutes of Q&A per speaker; 20 min coffee; 50 min box lunch; Theme Dinners on site 4/23/10.

Friday April 23

  • 07:30 Badge and Program pickup
  • 08:00 Opening Remarks, Announcements, Thank you’s, CAFE Board
  • 08:05 KEYNOTE: Jonathan Trent: Algal Bio-fuels: the OMEGA Project.
  • 08:50 Dean Sigler: The Past as Prologue
  • 09:10 Bill Dube, KillaCylcle: Lightweight High-power Battery Pack Design: Safe, Fault-tolerant, and Crash-resistant. Lessons Learned from Electric Drag Racing.
  • 09:30 Eva Hakansson, Speed Record Electric Motorcycle
  • 09:45 Calin Gologan, PC Aero, Germany: Electric Aircraft as Design Challenge – Present and Future
  • 10:10 Coffee Break until 10:30
  • 10:30 Geoffrey Long, Launchpoint Technologies: A high power density, high efficiency axial flux Halbach array motor/generator
  • 10:55 Brien Seeley, CAFE Foundation: How and Why Electric Aircraft Should Transform Transportation
  • 11:40 Dr. Key Dismukes, NASA Ames, Chief Scientist for Human Factors: Improving GA Safety - Not Just a Matter of Technology
  • 12:05 Lunch until 13:00
  • 13:00 TBD
  • 13:25 Dr. Charlotte Whitfield, NASA Langley: Propeller Noise Reduction
  • 13:55 Mark Moore, NASA Langley: Enabling Efficient Small VTOL Aircraft Through Electric Propulsion
  • 14:20 JoeBen Bevirt: Can personal electric aircraft transform your commute?
  • 14:55 Coffee Break until 15:15
  • 15:15 KEYNOTE: Dr. Jaephil Cho, South Korea: High Density Electrode Materials with 1 and 3D Structures for Li-ion Cells
  • 16:45 Eric Darcy, NASA JSC and NREL, Advanced Mitigating Measures for Preventing Catastrophic Li-ion Cell Internal Shorts
  • 17:10 Zach Hoisington, Boeing Research & Technology: Airliners with Electric Propulsion
  • 17:30 Adjourn, prepare for Theme Dinners
  • 18:30 No-host cocktails in Foyer adjacent to Ballroom
  • 19:15 Theme Dinners:
    (Multiple 4 minute open-topic presentations
    from attendees at each dinner)
    • Electrics: Batteries/Solar/Motors/Controller
    • Hybrids/Bio-fuel/Hydrogen
    • Aero/Props/Airframes

Saturday April 24

  • 7:20 AM Continental Breakfast
  • 08:00 Announcements
  • 08:05 Michael Friend, Seattle: A Single Seat Electric Motorglider With a “Range Extender” Pod
  • 08:25 KEYNOTE: Tyler MacCready, Aerovironment: Solar Wings
  • 08:55 Josef Kallo, Germany: Fuel cell Systems for Aircraft Applications: Hyfish, Antares DLR H2, ATRA
  • 09:20 Andrew Frank, UC Davis / Greg Stevenson, GSE engines: Hybrid Drives, Long Range Electric/Bio-Diesel Aircraft
  • 09:55 Sebastian Thrun, Chair, Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, Stanford & Dr. Nicholas Roy, M.I.T. : Advancing Autonomous Vehicles
  • 10:15 Coffee Break
  • 10:35 John W. McGinnis, Synergy: Aerodynamic Efficiency Near the Gabrielli - von Karman Limit
  • 11:00 Joe Armstrong, Ascent Solar: Solar PV Technologies
  • 11:20 Corey Ipollito, Paul Espinosa, Al Weston, NASA Ames, Swift UAS: A research platform for green aviation at NASA Ames Research Center
  • 11:35 Steve Morris, MLB: Development and Flight Test of an Electric Powered SWIFT Ultralight Aircraft
  • 11:50 Dr. Ajay Misra, Chief, Structures and Materials Division, NASA Glenn reserach Center: Saving Weight: Nano-structural and Other High Strength Material Technologies
  • 12:15 Adjourn for Saturday lunch and winery tours


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