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The EAS - Electric Aircraft Research and Advocacy

In 2007 CAFE organized the First-Ever Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS) in San Francisco. Burgeoning interest and technological advances in electric propulsion, along with energy and climate issues, have spurred the EAS to continue for 14 consecutive years.

Each year, its outstanding faculty from industry, NASA and academia have presented a comprehensive program for advancing electric flight. The EAS was hosted for three years at the University of Wisconsin just before EAA AirVenture. In 2020, the event moved online to support the health of participants during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The CAFE Electric Aircraft Charging Station

2011 grand opening of the Google Sponsored Electric Aircraft Charging Station


The 2011 Green Flight Challenge Sponsored by Google

The 2011 Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google marks an historic achievement in aviation—the first demonstration of practical, cross-country emission-free flight. The NASA provided purse of $1.6 Million was the largest in aviation history.

Team’s winning 4 seat, electric-powered aircraft, the Taurus G4, flew nearly 200 miles non-stop while achieving 403.5 passenger MPG! (Click Here for Flight Data). Its astounding efficiency was more than twice that of the piston-powered aircraft in the competition.

Equally promising: Team e-Genius won the Lindbergh Prize for Quietest Aircraft, with a peak take off noise of just 59.5 dBA at a 250 foot sideline. This achievement heralds the real transformative potential unique to electric powered aircraft—the capability to be quiet enough to land very near dwellings and businesses.





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