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 2011 GFC Schedule



  • Sunday, Sept 25:  Register, inspect, FOV, cabin seating, empty weights, load payloads, charge and fuel, secure impound begins
  • Monday, Sept 26:  Noise and Take Off qualifying flights followed by weighing and charging O/N.
  • Tuesday, Sept 27:  MPG flight, AM fog may demand delay
  • Wednesday, Sept 28:  Recharge day, retest, re-fly if necessary
  • Thursday, Sept 29:  Speed flight, AM fog may demand late finish, BBQ
  • Friday, Sept 30:  Make-up day if needed, prepare for STS Expo
  • Saturday, Oct 1 9 AM-4 PM: STS Exposition, EACS ribbon cutting, static display
  • Sunday, Oct 2: pack up and trek to Moffett Field for set-up
  • Monday, Oct 3: Moffett Field GGFE: 9-4 with Noon Awards Ceremony







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