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CAFE provides this evolving list of web links to sponsors, special individuals and entities that support our mission of advancing general aviation (GA). CAFE encourages all who are interested in the design and building of GA aircraft, personal air vehicles, light sport aircraft, primary category aircraft and motorgliders to explore these important and valuable links:

Boeing Phantom Works
NASA Centennial Challenges
Glasair Aviation
Pipistrel Aircraft
Flight Design Aircraft Co.
Lancair Aircraft
Van's Aircraft
Van's Air Force: blog for RV aircraft
Remos Aircraft
Cris Hawkins Consulting: High Tech Aero Design
Lake Aero Styling: Speed Mods
Electroair Advanced Ignition for Aircraft
GSE, Greg Stevenson Engineering: Bio-Diesel GA Engines
Sonex Aircraft
Ultramet: Low Noise Ceramic Mufflers
Rolling Hills Research: Laminar Flow Tech
Whirlwind Propeller: Quiet Props
Team Steadfast: CAFE Test Pilot Will Whiteside
Jabiru Sport Aircraft LLC
Dan Johnson, lead LSA authority
Pulsar Aircraft
Bostik/Urban Air USA
Pacific Coast Air Museum
Santa Rosa 99's
Women in Aviation
Micro Aerodynamics, Inc.
EAA Chapter 124
Rit Keiter, Av. electronic genius
Sport Class Air Racing
Formula One Air Racing
Reno Air Racing
Catto Propellers
Propellors Explained by Jack Norris
Quality Sportplanes, Cloverdale, CA.
The Experimental Aircraft Association
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
The Association to Promote Electrical Aircraft
News about NextGen ATC
NASA's ARMD Reference Site
NASA's ARMD Student Competition
Kit Planes Magazine
Kit Planes Engine Specs
Flight Journal
General Aviation News
Air Nav: Pilot's Info
Yuneec Aircraft
Pipistrel Aircraft
GSE, Greg Stevenson Engineering: Bio-Diesel GA Engines
The Association to Promote Electrical Aircraft
Electra Flyer
E-Zone magazine
Efficient flying wing resources
The Wright Brothers from 1899 to 1909
Project Sunrise
Ground Vibration Testing by Sonja Englert


These links are provided solely for the user's interest. The CAFE Foundation makes no claim as to the correctness of linked information.




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