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  The Aviation Safety Prize

$50,000 Handling Qualities Prize Detailed

The 2008 Aviation Safety Prize (ASP) will award $50,000 to the one
aircraft judged to have the best handling qualities among those
entered in the 2008 NASA PAV Challenge. CAFE has only a few entry
slots available for homebuilt, certificated or Light Sport Aircraft
to compete for this winner-take-all prize. Teams must complete their
entry application before June 1 in order to save $1000 in
registration. Final entry deadline is July 1. The ASP is primarily
based on good flying qualities but includes bonus scoring for
aircraft whose flight controls include "eCFI" or electronic pilot
assistance. 'This prize is large enough to actually buy someone their
own LSA', says CAFE President Brien Seeley. Rules for the ASP
are available now.





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