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Aircraft Performance Reports

The following articles have been published in the Experimental Aircraft Association's magazine Sport Aviation.

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All CAFE reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system prior to viewing our reports.

Aircraft Tested Date Tested Owner/Builder Tail Number
APRs: Inaugural April 1992 Tom Poberezny  
APR Intro Fall 1992 Damon Seeley  
Progress at CAFE 1994 Brien Seeley  
Bushby Mustang II   Jim Lewis N402C
Cozy Mark IV 10 October 1998 Mark Beduhn N494CZ
Europa Classic 12 December 1999 Kim Prout N111EU
Falco F.8L   Larry Black N572AB
Glasair III 10 November 1996 Chuck Hautamaki N313CH
Glastar 6 December 1997 Stoddard Hamilton Aircraft, Inc. N324G
Lancair 320 31 May 1998 Fred Baron N9BF
Lancair IV-P May 1999 Derek Hine N114L
Lancair Legacy February 2002 Factory prototype N199L
Legend 23 March 1997 Jeff Ackland N620L
Rans S-7C 8 November 1997 Randy Schlitter N11632
RV-4 27 September 1997 Dave Anders N230A
RV-6A 21 May 1993 Steve & Theresa Barnard N157ST
RV-8A February 1999 Dick VanGrunsven N58VA
RV-9A   Van's Aircraft, Inc. N129RV
Thorp T18   Ken Brock N42KB
Varieze August 1994 Gary Hertzler N99VE
Wheeler Express 21 September 1997 Jerry Sjostrand N360EZ
Wittman Tailwind   Jim Clement N6168X


Every effort has been made to obtain the most accurate information possible. The data are presented as measured and are subject to errors from a variety of sources.

Any reproduction, sale, republication, or other use of the whole or any part of these reports without the consent of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the CAFE Foundation is strictly prohibited.




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