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  The CAFE 400

The CAFE 400 Competitions

In 1981, the CAFE Foundation began a series of annual "Competitions in Aircraft Flight Efficiency" that accurately measured speed, miles per gallon and cabin payload on about 40 diverse competing aircraft. The results of those "races" were published each year for 10 years in Sport Aviation magazine's September issue and they are reproduced here as an archive.

Known as the CAFE 400 competitions, these events greatly accelerated progress in personal aircraft performance by convening many of the most innovative aircraft designers and their exceptional aircraft in an actual flight competition. As the competing teams compared notes on their latest drag-reducing or mileage-improving modifications, many of the features seen in the best of today's aircraft evolved.

All CAFE reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system prior to viewing our reports.



Every effort has been made to obtain the most accurate information possible. The data are presented as measured and are subject to errors from a variety of sources.

Any reproduction, sale, republication, or other use of the whole or any part of these reports without the consent of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the CAFE Foundation is strictly prohibited.




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