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Next Generation Air Transportation System

The FAA now runs the Office of NextGen after JPDO was disbanded in 2014. Please visit FAA NextGen.

Also see Mark Moore's paper The Third Wave of Aeronautics: On-Demand Mobility”.

NextGen: PAVs and SATS

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# Title Author Year Description Size
1 Personal Air Vehicle Exploration Mark D. Moore 2002 A super slide show of NASA Langley's PAV vision and the many technologies that it envisions, with particular emphasis on flying cars, new engines and other key enabling innovations. 2.1MB
2 Analysis of Small Aircraft as a Transportation System Samuel M. Dollyhigh 2002 A macroeconomic model view of SATS and PAVs, using the Cirrus and Eclipse 500 as sample vehicles. Emphasizes the importance of 150 mph speed range for PAVs along with the 100-400 mile range niche. 3MB
3 Personal Air Vehicles: A Rural/ Regional and Intra-Urban On-demand Transportation System Mark D. Moore 2003 The definitive document on the PAV vision by one of NASA's PAV Founding Fathers. This 20 page jewel presents compelling evidence for the role of PAVs in our nation's transportation system. Enumerates many of the enabling technologies and how automotive volume production will lower vehicle cost. 1.7MB
4 Next Generation NASA GA Advanced Concept Andrew S. Hahn 2006 Andrew Hahn's excellent paper on PAV technologies and how they enable a resurgence in GA. Cites worrisome statistics about threats to the vitality of GA and how PAVs return value to the system. 2.8MB
5 The Third Wave of Aeronautics: On-Demand Mobility Mark D. Moore 2006 Mark Moore reviews the history of aviation as waves 1, 2 and 3 and cites the innovator's dilemma as operating in the small aircraft market. Presents the PAV vision in updated perspective. 808KB
6 NASA Personal Air Transportation Technologies Mark D. Moore 2006 Mark Moore's well-illustrated 14 page paper on the technologies that will make PAVs attractive and useful. Ties closely with the NASA PAV Challenge prize categories and their enabling technologies. 2.3MB
7 Aeronautics Innovation: NASA's Challenges and Opportunities Stephen A. Merrill 2006 A comprehensive look at NASA Aeronautics today. Page 2-18 supports NASA's plan of inducing technologies through Centennial Challenges. 1MB
8 Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data: U.S. General Aviation, Calendar Year 2001 NTSB 2001 The comprehensive statistics on accidents in aviation. More recent reports on accidents are available from AOPA's Nall Report. 2.3MB
9 NASA PAV Simulation Effort—Presented to NASA LARC RhinoCorps Ltd. Co 2005 An important feasibility study by a battlefield simulation company showing that the skies can accommodate huge increases in air traffic without conflicts. 2.3MB
10 Frontiers of the "Responsibly Imaginable" in (Civilian) Aeronautics Dennis Bushnell 1998 A thorough look at future aeronautics possibilities by NASA's Chief Scientist. 2.2MB
11 PAVE Futures Dennis Bushnell 2004 NASA Chief Scientist's visionary view of personal air travel 84KB





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