End the Year on a Volocopter Note

Volocopter has an exciting way to end 2020, leaving the old year with a ticket for your future flight in a VoloCity VC 2-1 aircraft (the “Aircraft”).  Fine print, spelled out in the eight-page General Terms & Conditions for the Volocopter World Premiere Ticket Program, might cause the hesitant to pause. The more adventurous among us will start planning an overseas trip two or three years from now.

Here’s the Deal

“Berlin, 16 September 2020 — At Greentech Festival in Berlin today, Volocopter, the pioneer of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), announced that the world’s first public sale for electrical air taxi flight reservations has started. Effective immediately, Volocopter fans world-wide can reserve their tickets online and be amongst the very first to take this new form of mobility. The VoloFirst costs €300 ($351.25) and can be reserved with a 10% ($35.12) deposit.”  There are only 1000 presale reservations available for a limited time, and as of this morning, only 313 left.  We don’t think the supply will hold out to the December 31 deadline with 687 reserved in the first six days.

The Fine Print

One will have to take a trip to experience the Volocopter trip, with rides offered in Europe and Asia only at this time, and at probably limited locations.  These rides will only take place after Volocopter attains certification in the host countries.  That’s why lucky winners will have to cool their Jetson jets for a few years.

Participants will probably fly from a purpose-built Voloport in a host city

The announcement follows Volocopter’s successful demonstration flights in Stuttgart, at Helsinki’s international airport, and over Singapore’s Marina Bay. Volocopter’s CEO Florian Reuter explains, “Based on our public test flights and regulatory achievement record, we have paved the way to make electric flight in cities common in just a few years. With the start of reservations, we now invite our supporters and innovators around the world to join us and be amongst the first to experience this new and exciting form of mobility.” Reservations for the first VoloCity flights are available world-wide on the Volocopter Reservation Platform.

What You’ll Get

  • A flight with a duration of approx. 15 minutes (approx.) scheduled within the first 12 months after commercial launch.
  • A video of the passenger’s flight.
  • A limited edition, personalized certificate included in reservation.

Volocopter’s Chief Commercial Officer Christian Bauer adds, “While the final certification for air taxis is still pending, we do have a detailed realistic timeline to launch commercial VoloCity flights in the next 2-3 years. Moreover, those who reserve now can receive the latest updates about our progress and the commercial launch plan.”

Volocopter has made enormous progress in only nine years, having demonstrated safe flight in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Its work toward certification and ticketed flights has elicited immediate public interest and a willingness to join in a greener future.

Thanks to Helena Treeck at Volocopter for her timely updates.

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